About the Conference

The Role of Intellectual Capital in Achieving Sustainable Development after the COVID-19 and the Economic Crisis (RICSDCO19EC) Conference is an international conference for all research from all field related to the Intellectual Capital and Sustainable Development such as Medicine, Education, educational and psychological sciences, Technology, Investment,  and so on.
The topic of the COVID-19 has taken over the interests of researchers because of its utmost importance at the present time. Moreover, the volatilities and changes that will be happened in the future, and even the violent volatilities at the world level, whether at the level of political, economic, social or other sectors. According to the strategists expert for crisis management, the world will be ruled by those who master the arts of crisis management. Moreover, the studies about the future, a predicate that the forces that invest in the human mind will manage world affairs. At various levels, the development will face challenges that will show the strength of global parties as a basic criterion for the speed of resolving emergency crises, and what makes this more important is that intellectual capital has become a true representative of the ability of institutions to compete, as an investment in intellectual capital is the latest factor of production that is recognised as a resource. Essential for creating wealth, and even more important than other traditional factors of production such as labour, capital and raw materials.

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May 25, 2021

Deadline Paper Submission

June 01, 2021

Paper Feedback

June 10, 2021

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Be an oral presenter of the conference and present your research to a truly international audience. Early submission is strongly encouraged. Send your paper today.


All papers will be published and indexed in the conference proceedings with an ISBN. Moreover, we can publish your paper in the IOP conference proceedings, and only the abstract will be published in the conference proceedings. 


Attending the conference will provide an opportunity to network and share thoughts on recent advances with academies, Investor, and experts in the same or similar fields.