About us

Noor Al-Ufoq Company


Excellence and creativity to develop theoretical and practical skills using modern technologies.


Organizing conferences and exhibitions, in addition to courses to develop skills using new scientific, technology, and technical methods in all fields.


The company Noor Al-Ufoq specialized in research and skill development through integrating the local expertise with international courses of different disciplines in coordination with international universities, in order to invest the available potential abilities to serve the nation, in addition, to initiate the spread of awareness, education, and guidance in all scientific disciplines. The institute is interested in publishing the research work in impacted journals and organizing conferences in various disciplines, whether national or international level, as well as providing advice to the government agencies and departments or any other privet institutions. The institute also invests in patents and industrial models of any field which is applicable and has an economic case study through coordination between the inventor and the beneficiary. Moreover, the company is interested in quality control, and quality control measurement for government and private companies, also organizing quality control courses lectured by Iraqi and foreign experts.